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What We Offer

Axsia HTL works with developers, investors and owners of hospitality, tourism and leisure assets to deliver leading asset management capabilities and a range of supporting services including hotel project development, hotel acquisition, hotel disposal and general advisory services.

Asset Management

Unlock success in the intricate world of hotel and resort investments with Axsia HTL. Our tailored solutions and hospitality consulting services cater to individual owner needs, aligning objectives with stakeholders for market-leading returns. 

Leveraging extensive knowledge of operator brands and the delicate balance between ADR and occupancy, we drive impressive RevPAR against the competition.

Our Hotel Asset Management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Driving revenue growth and enriching the guest experience
  • Revenue management, including assessing yearly budgets and capital expenditure strategies
  • Talent acquisition, induction, and performance evaluations
  • Streamlining operations across the hotel, dining, retail, and amenities
  • Handling contracts, agreements, and negotiations
  • Devising renovation and repositioning tactics
  • Assisting with refinancing and asset valuation

Hotel Project Development

Our expertise and thorough research in hotel project development enable us to seamlessly align with owners’ visions from the outset. We alleviate uncertainty in planning, development, reviews, and negotiations, prioritising valuation and funding for project success.

Our Hotel Project Development services encompass:

  • Comprehensive market research and competitor assessment
  • Project feasibility analysis based on market fundamentals
  • Property and site evaluation
  • Streamlined design and operational enhancements
  • Expertise in operator and brand selection
  • Effective deal negotiations
  • Assistance with bank valuations and securing debt and equity funding

Hotel Acquisition

Elevate your asset understanding for successful hotel acquisition with Axsia HTL. We specialise in uncovering untapped profit potential in existing assets, providing a unique edge in bid development and execution strategy.

Some of our Hotel Acquisition services include:

  • Thorough market research and competitor assessment
  • Comprehensive project feasibility analysis
  • Strategic renovation and repositioning plans
  • Effective deal negotiations
  • Support for bank valuations and securing debt and equity funding
  • Post-acquisition execution
  • Diligent acquisition due diligence

Hotel Disposal

Looking to put your hotel on the market? Access your hotel’s maximum value with Axsia HTL. When positioning your hotel for sale, operators often withhold future trading projections. We step in to assess the asset and unveil its full future potential.

Our Hotel Disposal services cover:

  • In-depth product evaluation encompassing physical attributes and guest service experience
  • Exploration of renovation and redevelopment possibilities for higher growth repositioning
  • Development of financial projections
  • Facilitating meetings with prospective purchasers, offering a seasoned industry perspective on the asset and its future possibilities


Leverage our team of seasoned industry experts for management hotel consulting spanning hotel, tourism, and leisure sectors such as hospitality, retail, property, and finance.

Our specialised Hotel Advisory services encompass:

  • Project guidance and consultation
  • Mentorship for General Managers and hotel management staff
  • Debt and equity funding solutions
  • Budgeting and modelling expertise
  • Real estate advisory services
  • Tailored acquisition and disposal strategies

Regional Visitor Economy Investment

Discover the potential of a region-focused visitor economy, poised to drive the next hotel, tourism, and leisure sector investment surge. Benefit from our expertise in advising on the necessary infrastructure and services to attract and accommodate visitors.

Our approach entails:

  • Offering valuable insights for regional tourism development and investment
  • Evaluation of economic development and destination management metrics
  • Identifying market gaps through tailored methodologies and solutions
  • Facilitating investment opportunities for Local Government Areas (LGAs) and investors

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